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G. Weinmann
W. Stapff

Weinmann + Stapff

They share a preference for visiting big and small towns, spending days in museums, and roaming through woods, mountains and deserts, as well as a passion for good music, good food and good wine.

Translating their adventures, impressions and experiences into jewellery is something else they have in common. They each find special ways to create their ideas, and their results are unique and different. The variety of their collection, which thrive on extravagant combinations of forms and colors, originate in their very different temperaments. However, they share a common conviction for exclusive jewellery that it may be unconventional but it has to be wearable at the same time. Their credo is that every piece of jewellery is unique, just as every human being is unique. The first joint jewelry project of Our Designers is “Magic Pearls”. These pearls clearly show how their different views are merged into exciting harmony.

Their extraordinary work is the result of links to many contacts world wide. It is through very individually distinct exhibitions that they present their creations in numerous places all over the world, and wherever they go they meet a enthusiastic and receptive audience.