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Pearls surely were created during a magic moment of creation. The idea to brighten up pearls in an unusual fashion and to turn them into Magic Pearls® was likewise a magical moment in jewelry creation.

Our ideas and what we create from them are the results of our life experiences.(We do not have to search for something new). Through hearing, seeing, and experiencing other countries and other people, you don‘ t have to search for the new. It’s here, with every new day.

A new idea can no longer be ignored once its time has come. "Not wanting to know, ultimately means to put oneself at the mercy of pure chance” (Jean Paul Sartre, "Truth and Existence”). The acceptance of any truly new idea requires openness and courage because it embodies radical change. Initially, radical changes are often met with resistance due to ignorance. But, to come back to Sartre, ignorance also proves the discernability of an object, it proves that the object exists. Accepting something new, developing something new without discarding tradition, but rather, treating it gently and transforming it, that is what drives us. That is how the idea of Magic Pearls® emerged.

What is new about our idea is not decorating the pearls by perforating them, and bonding faceted stones into the holes and covering the natural imperfections of the pearl with gold. We empathize with the pearls, and embark on a dialogue with them. We carefully cut out the imperfect parts and re-establish the pearl’s natural form by replacing the cut-out part with a precious stone that captures light and directs it right into the pearl’s center.

This is the novelty, the radical change, of our work with pearls. A view of the sky, and of the sun is revealed in these bright-hued pearls, an elegant serenity of nature. Secrets of the Sea and the miracles of rainbows are disclosed through the stone’s windows and through the darkness of Tahitian pearls as Magic Pearls ®.

Magic Pearls® are a combination of two elements water and earth. Uniting these two, pearls and precious stones, in one single form is a special technique. The precious stones are harmoniously set into the pearls’ forms, they melt into the pearls and are like windows through which you can look into the pearl’s heart.

It’s the woman who wears them, that makes Magic Pearls® exciting. The shine of the pearl plays on her skin and the fire of the gem stones is reflected in her eyes. The pearls dancing on the skin become visible by the windows of light that appear or disappear with each movement. Chance plays a delightful role with continuous surprise. Excitement depends on the movements of the magic pearl woman.